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At Neuropotential Clinics, our goal is to help you feel better by providing specialized services. If you have been struggling with focus, attention, sleep, stress, or feel you are not reaching your potential, our services may be right for you. We specialize in treating adults and children with non-invasive treatments, such as non-invasive treatments for anxiety, non-invasive treatments for depression, non-invasive treatments for PTSD, and non-invasive treatments for ADHD. We at Neuropotential Clinics strive for our clients to not only improve their symptoms, but to reach their brain’s potential.




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psycho-educational assessment


somatic experiencing




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Why choose Neuropotential?

Talk to a real person over the phone. Are you tired of asking for more information and only getting a chat window or sending an email without any response? We believe everyone deserves to talk to someone over the phone when they are trying to figure out what services they need.

Learn about your options without worry. We believe that learning about your treatment options should be free and without any commitments. We are one of very few clinics that offer a free one-hour consultation where you can meet the staff, see our facilities, discuss your concerns privately, and see if we are the right clinic for you. If we can’t provide the services you are looking for, we will do our best to find someone who can.

We do our best to get our clients reimbursed for their services. It is important to seek services with someone who has a medical billing number so your insurance company can verify this and reimburse you accordingly. All of our treatment plans are supervised
by a licensed Clinical Psychologist who is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO). If you are covered for psychological services or services conducted by a psychologist, there is a very good chance you can get some of your services reimbursed at our clinic.

No commitments or prepaid conditions. We believe in our process and feel you should pay for services only after you complete them. Once we discuss your personalized treatment plan you can begin your sessions and can drop out of your program at any time. We are truly confident in our thorough method of assessment, detailed treatment plan design, and communication of results to
our clients.

We are committed to constant learning. The field of mental health is ever-changing and you deserve a team that is committed to consistent growth and learning. We are constantly reading new journal articles, purchasing new, updated textbooks, and often invite specialists in the field to our clinic for additional training to make sure we are up to date on the best ways to help our clients.

We constantly invest to ensure you have the best experience possible. Our state-of-the-art facility, website, and technology are a few ways we try to ensure you are getting your money’s worth while conducting services at our clinic.

guides the brain to more efficient, organized functioning Audio & Visual Feedback Allows us to monitor brainwave activity in real time Amplifier Complex software helps to analyze brainwave activity Computer Guides and executes your Neurofeedback program Practitioner Feedbacksight & hearing Feedback provided‘rewards’ when brain operates well, ‘inhibits’ when off track Client symptoms & feedback sensorplacement How neurofeedback works
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